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Kecskemét and Varga Tanya

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Take part in sightseeing in Kecskemét, a city full of museums, galleries and exhibitions. Taste one of the most well-known Hungarian drinks, the traditional Hungarian apricot brandy (pálinka), wines and traditional Hungarian cuisine.

If you want to see horse shows, try horse riding, relax in saunas, Jacuzzis, steam baths, try massages, team building exercises. You can do all of this and more in Kerekegyháza, at the Varga Tanya Restaurant and Hotel, which is not far from Kecskemét.

Kecskemét is known for its many museums, art nouveau architecture and for the fact that the world famous composer Zoltán Kodály was born here. A lot of musicians from all over the world come here to study his music.  One of the most visited places is the Old Synagogue, which is a Moorish-style synagogue.

Right across the street from the Old Synagogue is the Ornamental Palace (Cifra Palota), which was built in  art noveau style, was built in 1902 and now houses the Kecskemét Gallery (Kecskeméti Képtár), where you will be able to see modern paintings as well.
The Museum of Hungarian Naive Artists (Magyar Naív Művészek Múzeuma), where the exhibition has somewhat medieval or surreal paintings and sculptures. Another  great museum is the Ráday Museum of Calvinist Ecclesiastical History, which includes a collection of clocks, an exhibit on chalices, a mineral collection and local sculptures.

Besides the museums, there are several collections and exhibitions, such as an exhibition displaying pictures, music books and other items of Zoltán Kodály, which is located in the Zoltán Kodály Music-Pedagogy Institute. Moreover, there is the Bozsó Collection (Bozsó Gyűjtemény) of Hungarian folk art and the Zwack Fruit Brandy Distillery and Exhibition. Should you have eaten too much or should you have problems with your digestion, or migraine (blinding headache),  drink one glass of the ZWACK UNICUM!
It will help you, we can assure you. It’s the best and most famous Hungarian digestive made of 40 different herbs collected all over the world.

If you do not wish to visit museums in Kecskemét, you could visit the County Hall inside, the beautiful building is the Katona József Theater and the Evangelical church and the Orthodox church. If you visit Kecskemét with your family, you will have a great time in the Kecskemét Wild Park, the Adventure Spa & Waterslide Park or in Kecskemét Baths.

The Varga Tanya: typical restaurant on the Hungarian puszta: desert, hotel with wellness area and famous place with horse show in Kerekegyháza has been attracting visitors for almost 30 years. Here you can learn about Hungarian traditions, enjoy the traditional Hungarian horse shows, where the most outstanding performance is the puszta ten (one horseman rides ten horses at the same time).
The Varga Tanya is reputable and has won the 5 horseshoe equestrian service provider qualification. At the Varga Tanya you will be able to taste pálinka:  Hungarian apricot brandy,  wines, try horse-riding, ride in a horse-cart, visit a homestead, the Tanya Museum and enjoy gipsy music while trying traditional Hungarian cuisine.
The “puszta-program”: horse show is organized between April 1st and October 31st and starts every day at 11.00 a.m. – 11.30 a.m., with the horse-show beginning at 12.30 p.m. At the Varga Tanya you can also try team building exercises and take part in the puszta-olympics, which include archery, horseshoe throwing, sack-race and more.

You can even have your wedding here. The Varga Tanya has a peaceful atmosphere, a beautiful park and the church ceremony is nearby as well, the Puszta-church can house around 200 people.

If you are interested in cultural programs or trying traditional Hungarian open-air activities, Kecskemét and the Varga Tanya are worth visiting. 

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Balaton lake

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Would you like to take time off and relax? You can do that and much more in Balatonfüred, Tihany and Siófok, the most well-known cities in the Balaton region.
Relax on a beach or in a bath house, visit a wine region, taste Hungarian wine, discover famous Hungarian villas, churches, drinking wells, walk on a promenade, to a pier or in a park, visit museums, listen to concerts, take part in festivals and extreme sports.
Balatonfüred is the perfect place to spend a holiday. It was the first official health resort of Hungary and since 1987 it is the International Town of Grape and Wine. If you decide to come to Balatonfüred, you will be able to rest on one of the three main beaches, or in bath houses on Gyógy tér (square).
You will also get a chance to drink medicinal water from the Kossuth Lajos spring, which is also located on the square. If you walk on the promenade towards the pier you will see the Fisherman and Ferryman statues and the Rose garden. In Balatonfüred there is a great variety in sights, such as churches and villas.
You can discover the Roman Catholic Parish Church, which is situated on St. Stephen Square (Szent István tér), the Round Church (Kerek templom), the mansion of  Mór Jókai (now a museum), the Lujza Blaha villa (where she spent the summer holidays) and the 120-meter-long Lóczy cave (Lóczy barlang).
Balatonfüred is also the center of the Balatonfüred-Csopak Wine Region, there are Wine Weeks in Balatonfüred, which take place in August. Here you will be able to taste the most well-known grape varieties of this region, such as the Italian Riesling (Olaszrizling), Tramini, Rizlingszilváni and the Muscal Ottonel (Ottonel Muskotály) as well.
In Tihany one of the most famous attractions is the Benedictine Abbey (Bencés Apátság), which is the symbol of Tihany. Under the abbey is the crypt, where the tomb of King Andrew I. lies. The abbey is also very important in Hungarian history, because the deed of foundation of the Abbey contains a sentence written in Hungarian, which makes this document the first memory of the Hungarian language.
There are breathtaking frescos inside the abbey and part of the abbey now functions as a museum. The abbey is home to temporary exhibitions and classical music concerts as well. It is also important to mention the fascinating panorama that the surroundings of the abbey offer. One of the main attractions of the city is the Echo, which is Tihany’s phenomena, it can be experienced from the Echo (Visszhang) Hill.
The Hermit Houses (Barát-lakások, created by Greek monks) are also quite significant, because they are the only hermit colony in Central Europe that still exists. Try out famous wines from the Balaton region, red grapes such as Cabernet, Zweigelt, Merlot and Kékfrankos are mainly grown in the Tihany peninsula.
Siófok is the largest touristic destination on the South Shore of Balaton and it is also the favorite place of partygoers in Hungary.  Siófok is famous for its concerts, night life and sports. If you decide to visit the main beach, you will be able to try giant water slides and bungee jumping as well. In Siófok you can also experience Go-karting, wall climbing, paintball, dodgems and riding quads in the Extreme Sport Park.
There are also great restaurants in Siófok where you will get to taste Hungarian and International cuisine as well, the variety in food here is endless. But that’s not all you can do is Siófok, you can also take part in festivals held here each year. Balaton Sound is the most famous festival in July here.
There is the International Show-Jumping Competition, the Jumping Derby (for lovers of horse shows) and the Golden Shell International Folk Festival (Aranykagyló Nemzetközi Folklór Fesztivál) in June, which shows Hungarian and other folk cultures.
The Balaton region has entertainment for everyone, you can find anything here from baths, beaches, museums, villas, churches, parks and drinking wells to wine, concerts, festivals, extreme sports and nightlife.

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Danube Bend

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Would you like to dive into the past of Hungary, know more about Hungary’s history, visit some of Hungary’s most well-known sights?

If the answer is yes, then you might want to visit  the Hungarian Danube Bend “Dunakanyar”, where you will be able to check out three cities, Visegrád, Esztergom and Szentendre, which have remarkable historical backgrounds.

This part of Hungary is considered to be one of the important tourist areas of the country. The Danube Bend (Dunakanyar in Hungarian) is a curve in Europe’s second largest river, the Danube. The is situated between Budapest and Esztergom, this part of the river flows between the Börzsöny (a mountain range in Northern Hungary) and the Visegrádi-hegység (hills). Visegrád, Esztergom and Szentendre are situated on the right side of the Danube.

In Visegrád you will be able to see many well-known sights, such as the Royal Palace, the Citadell (Fellegvár), the Solomon Tower (Salamon Torony), the Sibrik Hill (the ruins of Roman military camp). Here you can also take part in activities such as hiking, visit the Ördögmalom waterfall, walk along the Apátkút stream (Apátkúti völgy) where you will find natural springs, an arboretum and a fishing pond as well.

If you want to see the most memorable sight, then come and see the Royal Palace, the official residence of Hungarian kings until the beginning of the 15th century. During the 15th century King Matthias fully reconstructed the palace in Italian Renaissance style, this period was the Golden Age of the Palace.
You will also be able to admire the Ornamental Courtyard, the Hercules Fountain, the tabernacle of the chapel (decorated with carvings) and a Renaissance loggia as well.

If you decide to go to Esztergom, you will see some beautiful sights here as well. These sights include the Esztergom Basilica, the Royal Palace, the Christian Museum (Keresztény Múzeum), and the Watertown (Víziváros). In the Basilica you will discover the world’s largest altar-piece, showing the ascension of Madonna (copy of the painting from Tiziano from the 16th century).

By continuing your trip inside the Basilica you will find the Bakócz chapel, the most precious relic of Hungarian Renaissance, built in  the 16th century. Next to the main altar there is a Treasury with extraordinary pieces of goldsmith’ art. One of the oldest items here is the oval mountain crystal made in the 9th century AD. Besides this, you will get the chance to admire the gothic Suki goblet, chasubels and Flemish laceworks.

Szentendre is a very unique city with a Mediterranean atmosphere. If we travel here, we will see a Baroque townscape from the 18th century. We can start our tour at the Baroque cross, which is situated on the Main Square ( tér). Near the Main Square there are merchant houses, churches, museums, galleries, restaurants, cafes and shops as well.

The most well-known church in Szentendre is probably the Greek-Orthodox Blagovestenska church, which was built in the 18th century, by settlers living in the Greek quarter. You can also walk on the promenade on the Danube bank or visit the House of Prisoner Ráby (Rab Ráby Ház), which is also one of the more popular sights here. There are great places to shop and eat in Szentendre, as well. From the shops you can buy wine, pálinka (a traditional fruit brandy), pottery and other souvenirs.

And if you have more time, don’t forget to visit the Open air museum here, just some minutes to drive and you can see how the Hungarians used to live in  the country during the last centuries.

If you long for a trip with cities offering numerous free time activities and having extraordinary historical and cultural sights, Dunakanyar is the best choice for you.

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Marathon in Budapest

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Are you a marathon runner? Would you like to discover the beauty that Budapest has to offer? Then come to Budapest on the 9th of October 2016 and explore the gorgeous streets of Budapest while running the marathon among 20,000 participants from all over the world.

When you think of Budapest, the first thing that comes to your mind might not be running and marathons, but there are a lot of events such as this one, that take place here. The marathon on the 9th of October 2016 is the largest running event in this country, with over 28,000 participants from 80 countries.

The atmosphere of this marathon is phenomenal each year and there are a lot of additional events as well, because we want you to enjoy this marathon as much as possible. We will make sure that you are entertained, with events such as musical performances. Running the marathon here in Budapest is very safe, there are refreshments at every 4 to 5 kilometers, as well as medical supervision throughout the whole course of the race.
The runners of the past marathons said that they were very pleased with the large number of water stops. The feedback received via e-mail was positive, the participants were satisfied with the event organizers, volunteers and breathtaking sites.

If you choose to come to Budapest to compete in the marathon, you can also visit some of the most famous and beautiful sights in here, such as Heroes’ Square, which has been declared a World Heritage Site. If you take part in the marathon and you do not want to travel far from the race, then come to Heroes’ Square, where you can see the Millennium Monument, the Millennium Column, visit the Kunsthalle and walk in the City Park as well. All of these attractions are close together, so you will not have to travel a lot, but you will be able to see not one, but a couple of the most astonishing sites that Budapest has to offer.

You will be able to enjoy the marathon, learn about Hungary’s history, culture, arts and get the chance to see monuments of Hungary and the history of Hungarian agriculture as well. If you decide to visit the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture, you will see permanent exhibitions about the history of agriculture, hunting, farming, fishing, wine-making, Hungarian domestic animals.

If you decide to go to the Kunsthalle, you won’t be disappointed either, because the mission of the exhibitions held here is to portray the latest trends in visual arts. These buildings capture what Budapest used to look like, so if you are interested in revisiting the past, then be sure to come and see these buildings and monuments.

If you are interested in completing a marathon and seeing Budapest, then do not hesitate to contact us and we will make sure that you will remember this experience for a long time. 

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Am 8. März 1950 rollt – nach einer Idee von Ben Pon – der erste in Serie gefertigte Transporter vom Band: Der Volkswagen T1!
Der geplante Einsatzbereich des Fahrzeugs stand Pate amen: VW Transporter. Unter dieser Bezeichnung beginnt der Tausendsassa seine Erfolgsgeschichte.

Der Volkswagen T1 begründet somit quasi eine neue Fahrzeuggattung und ist bis zum heutigen Tag deren führender Vertreter.
Bis zum Jahr 1967 werden in zahlreichen Ausführungen insgesamt 1,82 Millionen Volkswagen Transporter des ersten Typs gefertigt – anfangs noch in Wolfsburg, seit März 1956 in Hannover.

Das Konzept des auch VW Bus genannten T1 ist neben den zahlreichen Varianten der Grund zum Erfolg: Frontlenkerbauweise mit optimaler Raumausnutzung, Heckmotor mit guten Traktionseigenschaften bei Nässe, Schnee, Eis, in Sand und … natürlich auch auf befestigten
Fahrbahnen. Dies war damals genauso einzigartig, wie der luftgekühlte Vierzylinder-Boxermotor auch.

Der Volkswagen Transporter T1 wartete zusätzlich dazu noch mit einer geteilten Windschutzscheibe, auch split window genannt, auf.

 Machen Sie eine unvergessliche, wirklich tolle Erlebnis-Stadtrundfahrt mit der kultischen VW Bulli-Version "Samba-VW Bulli"  durch Budapest mit uns!  Geniessen Sie auch durch das Faltschiebedach die beste Aussicht!

Mit diesem Bus zu fahren macht es sicherlich Spaß und Sie werden eine Nostalgie erleben!
Die Menschen auf der Straße halten an, bestaunen VW-'Samba'Bulli und winken eine oft auch zu.
Aus dem Bus kann man alles sehen, da es eine hohe Sitzposition, Rundumsicht durch die Fester
und der Blick  auf den Himmel durch das Faltschiebedach gibt...

Selbst eine Stadtrundfahrt in Budapest mit diesem kleinen Bus für max. 6 Personen bleibt einfach ein unvergessliches Erlebnis für Sie!

Sie fahren alle Highlights in Budapest an:  auf den Gellértberg mit atemberaubenden Aussicht auf die Stadt, den Burgberg mit der Matthias-Kirche  (von außen, Aussicht von der Fischerbastei), die Kettenbrücke, das Parlament (kurzer Spaziergang), die Andrássy-Allee, zum  Heldenplatz und im Stadtwäldchen.

Das Ende der Tour kann – je nach Wunsch  - im jüdischen Viertel bei einer kultigen Ruinenkneipe,
in der Nähe der Fußgängerzone oder bei der zentralen Markthalle sein.

Erleben Sie mit uns eine  besondere Stadtrundfahrt bei Tag oder bei Nacht mit VW Bulli in Budapest!
Verlangen Sie nach unserem Spezialangebot:


Email:  office@twinstravel.hu 

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Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Are you a fan of F1 Championships? Then it’s high time to visit the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix on 22-24 July 2016. The race being held at the Mogyorod will be the 31th Hungarian Grand Prix and for this occasion the staff at Hungaroring is planning special additional programs for the spectators.


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About the beginnings:

The Hungaroring track is situated 20 kilometers north of the Hungarian capital, Budapest. Hungary first hosted a Grand Prix in the 1930s, but the Second World War and the Iron Curtain made it impossible to continue the races.  At the start of the 1980s there was a general wish for a Grand Prix to be held behind the Iron Curtain, there was a demand to re-boost the motorsport in Hungary. In the summer of 1983, the attention of the Formula 1 decision makers turned towards Budapest, and from that moment on Hungary has become part of the global motorsport, again.

At first, a street race through Budapest was suggested, but in the end they changed their mind and decided to build a brand new circuit in a valley 20 kilometers outside of Budapest. The valley provided natural vantage points for spectators. The track opened in 1986 and the first Formula One event was held in August that year. It was a huge success with almost 200,000 fans.

About the advantages:

The track is in a 110 hectar natural valley, surrounded by 50 hectares of rolling hillside. With this exceptional natural advantage - being situated in a natural amphitheater - almost 70 percent of the racetrack is visible from any point. This is the reason why it is called "The Shallow Plate", is because the spectators are watching races sitting by the side of an imaginary plate.

About the success of F1 Hungarian Grand Prixes:

Due to the constant improvement and reconstruction of the circuit, Hungaroring meets the highest technical requirements and has become one of the safest racetracks in the world. After three decades, Hungaroring has turned into the third most special event behind Monte-Carlo and Monza to have been featured in the race calendar.

About the accommodation, transport and the city:

The F1 Hungarian Grand Prix gives you the perfect opportunity to explore Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Budapest is a real metropolis with its hotels, bars, restaurants and extra entertainment facilities where the tourists, drivers and the teams will be able to meet their requirements.

We are at your service, if you need a minibus or a helicopter transfer from the airport or you desire to fly over the Hungaroring by helicopter. You are safe with us!

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Gödöllő and horse show

Are you curious about the second largest Baroque castle in the world? Would you like to visit a mysterious place of pilgrimage? Do you want to see exciting equestrian stunts? You can find all of the above in Gödöllő and its surroundings, not far from Budapest!


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Gödöllő is famous for its Royal Palace, the second biggest surfaced palace after Versailles. Antal Grassalkovich, one of the most respectable noblemen during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, built the castle in the mid-18th century. He, as the confidential agent of Empress Maria Theresa, hosted her in the palace in 1751. During the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the baroque palace became the favorite summer residence of the royals.  Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife, Elisabeth spent a lot of time here. Empress Elizabeth (nicknamed Sissi) especially enjoyed spending time here, as she was happy to be in the company of Hungarians.

The Royal Palace was beautifully restored to give its original splendor back. The baroque palace with its glamorous white and gold Grand Hall, richly painted rooms, red marble bath and conservatory, huge riding school, baroque theatre and large park represent the wealthy lifestyle of the nobility during Austro-Hungarian Empire. The 860 acres of the botanical garden is the home to 147 conifer and gymnosperms species and 875 types of leafy trees and bushes. While walking in the Gödöllő Botanical Garden, established in 1902 or enjoying refreshments at the cafe, you will definitely feel like a king or a queen.

Nearby, you can find Máriabesnyő, one of Hungary’s most famous pilgrimage places. In 1758 János Fidler, a mason from Gödöllő, had a dream about a small bone statuette under the ruins of the church, which he eventually found. The statue probably dates back to the 12th century and it portrays the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus in her arms.  It is 11cm tall, 4cm wide and due to its measurements, it is the smallest Virgin Mary statue in the country. The miraculously found bone statue is placed in the high altar of the Nagyboldogasszony Basilica Minor. The two-storied baroque temple with the two altars and the Virgin Mary Statue is a unique site and attracts thousands of pilgrims every year.

If you want to experience the real Hungarian hospitality, visit the Lázár Equestrian Park in the picturesque Domonyvölgy, only half an hour from Budapest. The Park is owned by Vilmos and Zoltán Lázár, 16 time Carriage Driving World Champions. You can learn about equestrian traditions when different horse shows of carriage driving, horseback archery, acrobatics of horse herders and hussars take place. Visitors say that “puszta-ötös” is the most fantastic horse program, which is when a rider stands on the back of two horses while being pulled by another three. After seeing native Hungarian grey cattle, racka sheep, mangalica pigs and puli dogs, you can taste traditional home-style Hungarian dishes.

Come and see the sites of Gödöllő and its surroundings, where you can find a mixture of relaxing, exciting and mysterious experiences.

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"Pearl of the River Danube"

Do you love sightseeing in a beautiful and a very lovely city?
Come to see Budapest in Hungary, this city is the „Pearl of the River Danube” in Europe, we are sure, you will love it!

Budapest is breathtaking beautiful city, enjoy a private sightseeing tour with us, ask an offer in online: office@twinstravel.hu.

Don’t be afraid, our travel agency is really safety and trustworthy, we want to give you a good memory on your trip.

The financial risk of establishing business relationship with the above mentioned business association is very low. At the Hungarian market only 1,75% of the companies are entitled to AA credit rating which represents excellent financial standing. 

Bisnode is one of Europe’s leading providers of digital business information. The qualification system of Bisnode considers hundreds of variables when establishing  - on a statistical and professional basis – which companies are the most dependable.

The most dependable companies of Hungary with which the conclusion of businesses carries the lowest risk are selected through the inspection of all business undertakings on the basis of international standards and by applying the country-specific peculiarities as well.” Budapest, 30.11.2015

Our strengths:

- organize programs in Hungary for your foreign guests since 2004,
- Conference organize and  team building programs,
- Booking flight tickets,
- Booking accomodation in Hungary and in the foreign countries,
- Transfer from the Airport to the Hotel,
- Cars renting in Hungary and in the foreign countries,
- Travel insurance.


1./ TWINS Travel is over 12 years old,
2./ Financial reliable firm according to the international firm Bisnode,
3./ Over 30 years experience and partners in Hungary and abroad,
3./We assure you about the good quality and guaranty,
4./ Our services are talilor made,
5./ Reliable and competent organizing
6./ We can solve also the unforeseen cases.
7./ All of our partners and clients are VIP for us,
8./ 24 hours assistance,
9./ Guides and interpreters in 20 languages

Ask an offer in online: office@twinstravel.hu.
I hope in the future we can keep in touch!

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Come and discover the World Heritage in Hungary with us! 


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If you want to discover some memorable parts of the World Heritage, Hungarian countryside is worth visiting. Come and see two unique attractions of Hungarian countryside!

Let’s start our trip with the Old Village of Hollókő, which is hidden among the hills of Cserhát, in the north of Hungary. The shapes and the use of materials of the 67 traditional Palóc buildings are in perfect harmony with the natural landscape. The World Heritage site of 145 hectares includes not only family houses, a church and ruins of a medieval castle above the village, but woods and grasslands with wildlife, as well.

The history of the village goes back to the 13th century, when the castle was built on Szár Hill after the Mongol invasion. After several fires over the centuries, the houses were restored to their original form, but with clay-brick walls and tiled roofs. Because of this, the buildings wouldn’t burn down again. The wooden towered, tile-covered Roman Catholic church was built in 1889, in the middle of the village.

Here you can see the traditional medieval village structure, the single long street has thin lots running off it at right angles. The buildings of the village are peasant houses with stepped gable roofs and porches with wooden breast walls decorated with open-work carvings. According to the 17th century Palóc style, the interior consists of 3 distinct rooms: the cooking-dining room, the kitchen and the so-called clean room (the best decorated of the house). When the family got larger, the houses were extended lengthways.

Nowadays the Palóc people, who live in the village next to the ancient one, are proud of their tradition and wear their colorful, rich-decorated folk costumes at different festivals and on Easter.

Let’s visit another part of the World Heritage, the Tokaj Wine Region. Have you ever heard about the famous Tokaji Aszú? The outstanding fame of present wine varieties goes back to the past. The wine region has been under protection since the year of 1737, when a royal decree proclaimed the area as a closed wine region, the first of its kind in the world. The leaf imprint of the indigenous plant species regarded as the common ancestor of all modern vine species, the ancient vine from the Miocene era (Vitis Tokaiensis) was found in the area. The secret of the successful wine region is probably a good “mixture” of the exceptional microclimate, the favorable soil conditions and the talent of Hungarian winemakers.

The World Heritage site covers the administrative area of 27 settlements. The colorful socio-economic, cultural, ethnic, religious background of the population of the Tokaj Wine Region and the fame of the Tokaji Aszú wine have contributed to the uniqueness of the region.

When your dreams about the perfect honeymoon come true…

Enjoy your honeymoon organized by us!
TWINS Travel Service Ltd.  

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Have you decided to organize the most memorable and romantic honeymoon ever? It’s not too easy to find the best place for your honeymoon, where you can meet truly breathtaking experiences. We recommend you to visit some of them in Budapest, Prague and Vienna.

The Castle Hill in Budapest is worth visiting, if you long for places with nostalgic memories. It deserves to be a World Heritage Site. The Baroque houses, cobblestone streets and Gothic arches bring you to the 14th and 15th century, in which they were built. In the Castle area you can find everything you need, major attractions such as the Fishermen’s Bastion and Matthias Church, refreshing cafes, restaurants and relaxing accommodation, as well.

If you wish to experience historic atmosphere and five-star luxury at the same time, spend your honeymoon at the St. George Residence & Hotel, the first historic boutique hotel in Budapest. Any gorgeous suites chosen by you, we guarantee you will be pampered as a queen and king.

Are you interested in what’s underneath Castle Hill? You can visit the Buda Castle Labyrinth, where the famous Count Dracula was imprisoned by Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus. You’ll have another nostalgic adventure, if you take a night tour and visit the labyrinth with lanterns.

If your desire is to live in super luxury hotels surrounded by historical attractions, spend your honeymoon in the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest or the Ritz-Carlton Budapest. These hotels are ready to bring you a romantic atmosphere with their five star panorama, outstanding service and high comfort. Anytime you want to, luxury sightseeing will be provided with a limousine or a Mercedes E Class.

Do you want to live like imperial royalty in your honeymoon? Choose the imperial suite package and “move into” the Schönbrunn Palace, one of the most important architectural, cultural, and historical monuments in Austria. You can live in a unique residence with 167 square meters in the east wing of the palace and enjoy the extraordinary imperial charm.

Are you keen on old town squares, castles, cathedrals, bridges with special atmosphere and very dynamic cultural life? It’s high time to visit Prague, where you can find a charming mixture of old and new. The Charles Bridge, the symbol of Prague, is the main pedestrian route, connecting the Old Town with the Lesser Town/Prague Castle. While enjoying street artists’ sketches of you or listening to musicians’ or jazz bands’ play, you will be able to feel the pulse of an especially vibrant city. If you want to enhance your romance, you can get on board of some gondolas.

Visit the most romantic places in Europe, where the history of the past and the luxury of the presence meet!