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"Pearl of the River Danube"

Do you love sightseeing in a beautiful and a very lovely city?
Come to see Budapest in Hungary, this city is the „Pearl of the River Danube” in Europe, we are sure, you will love it!

Budapest is breathtaking beautiful city, enjoy a private sightseeing tour with us, ask an offer in online: office@twinstravel.hu.

Don’t be afraid, our travel agency is really safety and trustworthy, we want to give you a good memory on your trip.

The financial risk of establishing business relationship with the above mentioned business association is very low. At the Hungarian market only 1,75% of the companies are entitled to AA credit rating which represents excellent financial standing. 

Bisnode is one of Europe’s leading providers of digital business information. The qualification system of Bisnode considers hundreds of variables when establishing  - on a statistical and professional basis – which companies are the most dependable.

The most dependable companies of Hungary with which the conclusion of businesses carries the lowest risk are selected through the inspection of all business undertakings on the basis of international standards and by applying the country-specific peculiarities as well.” Budapest, 30.11.2015

Our strengths:

- organize programs in Hungary for your foreign guests since 2004,
- Conference organize and  team building programs,
- Booking flight tickets,
- Booking accomodation in Hungary and in the foreign countries,
- Transfer from the Airport to the Hotel,
- Cars renting in Hungary and in the foreign countries,
- Travel insurance.


1./ TWINS Travel is over 12 years old,
2./ Financial reliable firm according to the international firm Bisnode,
3./ Over 30 years experience and partners in Hungary and abroad,
3./We assure you about the good quality and guaranty,
4./ Our services are talilor made,
5./ Reliable and competent organizing
6./ We can solve also the unforeseen cases.
7./ All of our partners and clients are VIP for us,
8./ 24 hours assistance,
9./ Guides and interpreters in 20 languages

Ask an offer in online: office@twinstravel.hu.
I hope in the future we can keep in touch!

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