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Team building

What is the aim of a team building training?
Its aim is to help your employees find their unknown, inner skills which will help your team to  find the hidden possibilities. It always has to have a mission which fits your business strategy, challenges or problems. It has to simulate the business life. In the real team building programs it has to be always clear why and how things are done. It has to represent real values.

What is a team building good for?
Preparing for changes within the company.
Making community.
Improving the effectiveness of solving different problems.
Making standardized business image.
Making employees concious of the values of the company.

Why is it good to organise a team building event?
Firstly, it allows employees to get to know each other better. This way,  it can improve teamwork.
Your company will be more effective as a result.
It is also important from time to time to relax and to enjoy time together.
After having a little fun,  you will be able to return to work more effectively and relaxed.

As the supply is wide ranged, it is an important aspect to know, for what kind of company it will be arranged.
There are different interest  at  a financial or  at a commercial  company. The age of the workers and the distribution
according to their sexes also has to be taken into consideration.
Team building is an essential part of any company, but it  is also important where  will it be organised and by whom.
We can give you some ideas   with professional organising and  with 30 year experience.
With our help you can choose from many posibilites. Some examples are the following:

Typical Hungarian Team Building:  Pig Killing
Pork is  one of the most  important  meat of Hungarian cuisine. Come and watch how it will be made by professionals.
You can take part in the meat processing, so you can build your team in an unusual way.   Groups are divided. The teams
can  compete who can grind the meat faster, sausage making etc. You can combine the team building with wine tasting .
The catering is all inclusive. You can also taste the traditional Hungarian foods served on these pig killings.

Bubble Football
You can compete with each other in a funny  way with huge plastic balls wrapped around your body. You are divided into teams.
It is a kind of football you have never done before. The rules are the same like during the original game, except here violence is allowed.
You can push your opponent, as your  bubble ball will protect you from any  injury. Customers enjoy pushing each other.
The teams tackles with each other in 5 minute rounds.

James Bond action game around Budapest
Experience the life of an agent. Discover Budapest in an exciting, unusual way. Your  group   is divided into teams. The task is to find the bomb before it explodes.
The team finds it the soonest, it will be the winner. The tasks are on an iPad, you have to carry it around the city to solve the mystery. This game is avaible in other Hungarian cities as well.

Medieval Tournament
Experience the life of the knights. You can learn how to use some medieval guns,  e.g.  archery, and there are exciting tasks, like ruining the wall of the castle. You are divided into teams, with colorful T-shirts. The teams compete by earning points in the Visegrád Castle.   Drinks are  served by Pages during the whole event. Discover the Castle and be the number one knight!
For more opportunities and information contact us:  office@twinstravel.hu

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