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The Great Market Hall in Budapest

Nowadays we have a really busy schedule and there is no time to shop for a long time.  Mostly we just grab everything from the supermarket fast. Though many people are getting aware that it is not good, and they simply miss the  old feeling of going to the market to shop and socialize. Maybe that is the reason why markets are getting popular again and even becoming a tourist sight. Tourists coming to Hungary visit them even then  when they do not want to buy anything, they want just see the  tipical local vegetables, different sort of meat or they want to  eat  and drink something, a typical Hungarian food and drink or even a souvenir. 10 markets were built in Budapest more than 100 years ago and now almost every district has one.  One of the most popular ones is the

Central Market Hall in Budapest.

It is situated on the Pest side of Szabadság Bridge and  end of the pedestrian Váci Street, so  it is very easy to find it,  That is the largest roofed market of Budapest, was built in 1897  and received the title: „The most beautiful market of Europe”.   It is also on the toplist of CNN: „Must see sight in Budapest.”

It has two sections. One of them were for small traders and the other one was for wholesalers. The building has 3 floors. On the basement you can find the fishmarket. On the first floor you can find the main market part with the vegetables, meat etc. . On the second floor  you can buy souvenir shops for bag, baskets and thousand kinds of hand made table cloth or the most famous Herend porcelain,  leather goods  etc.  Its area is about 10.000 m2.

This breathtaking building  has been bombarded  during World War II and  was thoroughly renovated in 1994.

Interesting fact,  thats it was prohibited to shout, whistle, litter or swear here like at the other markets.
Since many  thousand of tourists  visit here every year, you can find a lot of typical Hungarian souveirs as well  but Budapest invites a lot foreign countries  to exhibit here as well and they show their traditional food  and products also for tourists.  

If you are hungry, you can try Lángos, that  is a traditional Hungarian food, a deep fried flat bread made of a dough with flour, yeast, salt and water. It is  served fresh fried and  hot, topped with sour cream and grated cheese, ham, or sausages, but from time to time you can find lángos also with  new tastes, since tourists have different demands.

Festival days are the following  in 2017:

Persian Days - March 21-23.
Bulgarian Days  April 4-6.
Sekler Days (people from Rumania) - April  25-27.
Indonesian Days - May 9-11.
Hungarian Days - May 16-18.
Croatian Days - May 23-25.
Portugese Days - June 6-8.
Slovenian Days  - June 13-15.
Indian Days - July 4-6.
Thai Days - August 15-17.
Hungarian Days - September 19-21.
Polish Days - September 26-28.
Sekler Days (people from Rumania) - Oktober 10-12.
Japanese Days - November 7-9.
Santa Claus Days  - December 4-6.

Its opening hours are the following:

Monday 06:00-17:00
Tuesday 06:00-18:00
Wednesday 06:00-18:00
Thursday 06:00-18:00
Friday 06:00-18:00
Saturday 06:00-15:00
Sunday Closed

It is worth a visit, even if you do not buy anything, just enjoy the view or eat a Lángos.

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