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Transportation and safety in Hungary

If you are considering visiting Budapest or Hungary, but you are not sure whether its safe or not, let me enlighten you.

Budapest is not more dangerous than most capital cities. If you pay attention to your belongings on public transportation, you can avoid pickpockets. Like in every other city, taxi drivers may want to scam you. Be sure to always travel with a well marked taxi, usually yellow. Avoid unmarked cars.

Budapest has low crime rate so you can rest assured during your holiday. Try to stay within well frequented tourist areas.

Beware of restaurants which doesnt show you the price list in advance. Mind that restaurants in tourist areas might be overpriced. (for example Váci street)

Always validate your ticket before entering the metro because there might be controllers at the exit. Budapest has a developed infrastructure, which makes travelling easy.

If you encountered any problem,the Hungarian National Tourist Office has a special, 24-hour telephone number for tourists who become the victim of personal crime while in Hungary. Personnel with foreign language capability, including English, are on duty seven days a week to give advice on how to file a police report and to help to find the nearest police station. This telephone number is 00361-438-8080.

We hope you will have a nice and crime-free holiday in Hungary.

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